ABSECON MASSAGE & SPA -Heated Massage Tables Featuring Sauna for 2 / Table & Stand up Showers / Massage One Free EAR CANDLE Treatment after (5) Massage sessions
              ABSECON MASSAGE & SPA -Heated Massage Tables Featuring  Sauna for 2 / Table & Stand up Showers / MassageOne Free EAR CANDLE Treatment after (5)  Massage sessions 

Benefits  Of   Massage



Current research is begining to validate what most Clients already know about massage therapy: It can help ease or prevent many common ailments that are often treated with prescription drugs and / or by hospitalization. Massage therapy is based on the ability of the body to naturally heal itself.

Massage has been shown to: 
• Decrease stress 
• Increase circulation 
• Release muscle tightness 
• Improve Joint range of 
    motion and improve 
• Release endorphin's 
• Diminish aches and pains 

   (Also some associated with Fibromyalgia).
• Reduce anxiety and depression 
   Associated with: 
* Anorexia and bulimia 
* Post-traumatic stress disorder 
* Chronic fatigue syndrome 


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