ABSECON MASSAGE & SPA -Heated Massage Tables Featuring Sauna for 2 / Table & Stand up Showers / Swedish Massage Deep tissue massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology (foot, ankle,& calf )
             ABSECON MASSAGE & SPA -Heated Massage Tables Featuring  Sauna for 2 / Table & Stand up Showers / Swedish Massage  Deep tissue massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology (foot, ankle,& calf )

OUR   SAUNA in our Privacy Room.

SAUNA A Sauna for 2 persons in our privacy room

There are two Sauna control Panels,  one on Exterior wall  & one in the Interior.

You can adjust the temperature up to 140 degress. The time settings are from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

Our Sauna Carbon Lamp Heating Elements

Our Sauna contains five Carbon Lamp heat generating Assembly's. Combined will produce Safe-Dry EMF type uniform  Heat up to 140 degrees in temperature.

Our Sauna uses the latest state of the art carbon lamp heaters ( five heaters for uniform heat throughout the interior. No cold spots.

All energy from our Carbon Heaters are deemed safe and judged safe by EPA standards.

Our Sauna interior Stereo Sound System. Plays FM radio or your favorite CD. You can also select from our limited CD collection.

Oxygen Ionizer An electronic Oxygen ionizer / keeps the air inside the Sauna fresh & clean.

The Oxygen Ionizer inside the Sauna.

Service Charges for Sauna are as follows:

15 minutes- $20

20 - 30 Minutes -$30

5 Minute Stand - up  Shower extra $5.


THE Sauna also includes  a 7 Color CHROMOTHERAPY System, that allows you to bask in rotating colors or select a steady stream of any one of seven colors / Adjustable Ceiling Air Vents /  Towel Hooks / Back Rests / Tinted Tempered Safety Glass doors / Interior lamp lighting, should you care to read, while enjoying your warm surroundings and other features to make your Sauna time a rememberable event.


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NJ  Licensed for Massage Body Work

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